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Acai Kills Cancer Cells in Lab Study


Acai fights Cancer AcaiBerryBoutique.comA Brazilian berry popular in health food contains antioxidants that destroyed cultured human cancer cells in a recent University of Florida study, one of the first to investigate the fruit’s purported benefits.

The University of Florida published a study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry that found that acai berries triggered a self destruct response in up to 86% of human cancer cells.

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Assistant Professor Stephen Talcott says “This was only a cell-culture model and we don’t want to give anyone false hope. We are encouraged by the findings, however. Compounds that show good activity against cancer cells in a model system are most likely to have beneficial effects in our bodies.” The University will now study the effect of acai antioxidants on healthy human subjects.

Talcott adds “A lot of claims are being made, but most of them haven’t been tested scientifically. We are just beginning to understand the complexity of the acai berry and its health-promoting effects.”

You can read the full article here. 

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