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Acai 101 – A lesson in Nutrition

October 27th, 2009

Say hello to acai (ah-sigh-ee), the fruit that’s making believers of world-class athletes and health-conscious people everywhere. Grown in the Amazon rainforest, acai is truly a gift from Mother Nature. It has a rich, berry-cocoa flavor that makes it taste amazing, and its packed with more antioxidants than blueberries or pomegranates, plus loads of healthy Omega fats, protein and dietary fiber.  acai berries - acai berry pure

Here’s to your health.
So what makes antioxidants and Omega fats so important? Studies have shown how the French and Mediterranean diets, rich in red wine and olive oil, help maintain heart, body, brain and skin. Organic acai combines the best of both diets with 10x the antioxidants of red wine, and an essential fatty acid profile similar to olive oil. The Acai Berry Boutique’s acai is a potent combination your body shouldn’t go without.

Superhealthy. Supertasty. Superfood.
The Acai Berry Boutique’s products are all certified organic and great for anytime you’re hungry or looking for a natural energy boost. And as part of our mission to bring acai to you, we believe we also have to care for the planet and farmers. To do that, we’ve created a supply chain that benefits thousands of local families while protecting the Amazon rainforest through sustainable agriculture.

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Acai Berry: Acai berry supplements for great health

October 13th, 2009

Acai berry almost has stormed the way of herbal medication. The Acai berry is a fruit basically extracted from the Acai palm tree. It has got the immense popularity in the west in few years when it was a storm on the local media. The Acai berry supplements made up of Acai berries contain an amazing blend of health-promoting nutrients with renowned antioxidants and dietary fibers.

The Acai berry is known as the weight loss supplements and also accommodates a number of other benefits to the mankind. The weight loss properties of Acai berry is now largely evident by the increased metabolic rate it increases inside the body. The medicinal property of Acai berry leads to the faster breakdown, increased energy levels and helps to fight the physical and mental fatigue. These Acai berry effects are very much evident as it decreases the fat inside the body without putting any adverse impact on the body.

The antioxidant in the Acai berry supplement processes the weight loss in very faster manner. Acai berry supplements provide more and more energy to the body and essential minerals and vitamins that are required by the body. The large portion of these antioxidants control cell dilapidation and help individuals to fight diseases like cancer and other. It also helps to pick up the feel of your skin, keeping it soft and elastic for a long time in your life.

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Acai Pure : The supplement for weight loss

October 13th, 2009

Acai berry has got a world-wide recognition due to its medicinal properties and a magic health supplement. Even the Acai pure is the new in the health industry, it has gained popularity among the health conscious people whose health means more to them. Certainly, Acai pure is a product that offers you good health benefits and helps in getting good weight loss as it escapes the harmful toxins.

Acai pure capsules are the dietary supplements made up of pure Acai berry and other rich nutrients and ingredients.  These health capsules have the mixture of licorice, ginger, fennel and other healthy ingredients that increase the effectiveness of the Acai pure. Acai pure is a good product that gives you all the health benefits that need to have a good weight loss.

This Acai pure supplement that contains real concentrated fruits accommodates all the health benefits that an individual needs to be in a good health. When compared with other products Acai pure is the highly beneficial irrespective to other products in the market.

The Acai Berry Boutique

Your source of true Acai berry products.

One of the finest things about the Acai pure and pure Acai berry that you love to know is that it is free from any artificial additives or preservatives. The Acai extract found in the Acai pure makes it highly effective and beneficial for the mankind.  All those people who are health conscious in nature and need good health and life thereafter use Acai pure as the health supplement.

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