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The Power of Acai Berry

November 1st, 2009

Have you ever wondered what is it that serves to make ageless divas out of Madonna and Beyonce but forces you to incur the wrath of Time? Well the answer may not be so elusive after all! Dermatologists around the world now believe that it may be due a component called antioxidants, whose inclusion in the daily diet greatly reduces the ageing process and delays the sagging of the skin. And where does one find this magic panacea? In the vast equatorial Amazonian rainforests of Brazil, Guyana and Surinam.Madonna looks a lot younger than her age - we think antioxidants are a key factor!

Madonna looks a lot younger than her age – we think antioxidants are a key factor!

Regionally known as the Acai palm, this tall lissome tree produces beady fruits, which display the roundness of the grape and the size of a large blueberry. The tasters of this amazing discovery claim, it has a very distinct, singular taste which is almost a melange between a wild raspberry and a grape. It is highly coveted by the Brazilian natives for its ability to provide instant strength and energy upon consumption.

And this is for the die hard devotee of Mediterranean cuisines, who can’t stop raving about the health benefits of a continental diet The acai berries possess a high concentration of fatty acids and omega 3, 6, 9 oils- the same as that of the olive oil, which is one of the main ingredients of Mediterranean culinary delights!

What is it that transforms these simple fruits into potential gladiators against the dreaded beast named ‘wrinkles’? Researches suggest that it may be due to the presence of a chemical in the acai berry, called Phytosterols- generally extracted from plant cell membranes and which greatly reduces blood plasma cholesterol (that does the trick!). There are also the Anthocyanins, members of a chemical group called Flavonoids, to assist. Anthocyanins yield the highest percentage of antioxidants, among all the edible berries known to man. It neutralizes free radicals and prevents the oxidation of cells and serves as an effective antidote against arteriosclerosis, a chronic ailment of the human blood vessels.

So you may not be doing rock concerts, or composing music videos, but then, should they be your only excuses for looking scintillatingly gorgeous and having soft supple unwrinkled skin? Start taking your fill of acai fruits today and who knows you might give Madonna a run for her money!

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  1. November 1st, 2009 at 18:41 | #1

    I never knew how valuable antioxidants were for the body… very interesting.

  2. hurst
    November 3rd, 2009 at 13:06 | #2

    Antioxidants is extremely relevant to the acai berry information you provide… but you should post something about ORAC.

  3. November 3rd, 2009 at 13:06 | #3

    I had no idea how much antioxidants were in acai berry supplements…

  4. SpringTime
    November 3rd, 2009 at 13:07 | #4

    I wonder if Madonna and Beyonce use acai berry supplements… haha

  5. December 26th, 2009 at 18:09 | #5

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    January 10th, 2010 at 07:36 | #9

    Madonna is pretty hot for her age..

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