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A Brief Guide about Acai Berry Benefits

February 26th, 2010

Acai berry, a berry fruit from Acai palm, forms a vital part of the diet of the Native Americans and Brazilians since centuries. Reason being; they are well aware of the nutritional values of the fruit.  Many dieticians and health specialists categorized the fruit as a “superfood” as it has high nutritional value. An undeniable fact is that the Acai berry benefits are innumerable. As per the statement of FDA (Food and Drug Administration), “Its antioxidant properties and nutritional value is regarded as the proven health benefit from the human body “.

The acai berry can improve the digestive system, boost the immune system, and increase energy & stamina.

The acai berry can improve the digestive system, boost the immune system, and increase energy & stamina.

Some of the main Acai berry benefits are it is considered as a rich source of Vitamin A and also contain iron, proteins, calcium in small quantities. Cancer patients are recommended to eat Acai berry as it has cancer-fighting agents. The fruit has anti-aging properties and helps in making skin healthier. The fruit is considered as a vital source of Omega-9 and Omega-6 fatty acids, therefore, it helps in reducing weight and controlling cholesterol levels of the body. So, it can be said rightfully that Acai berry benefits are very much equivalent to the benefits provided by fruits like mangoes, strawberries, grapes, etc.

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