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Diet Firm Willing to Pay $35,000 for a Couch Potato…

March 29th, 2010

A diet firm in the United Kingdom is advertising for a job across the UK and Europe for the next wannabe Homer Simpson.

The Job: Simple. Sit at home in front of the television and eat junk food.
The Pay: £23,750 British Pounds a year, which roughly equals $35,500 US Dollars.
Job Title: Product testing associate.
The Catch: Nothing. It is as good as it sounds. You just have to beat the competition to the couch position.

You could make a killing eating junk food all day.

You could make a killing eating junk food all day.

The diet and nutrition firm, Pro-Ac.Tol Ltd, is looking for someone to test their new weight loss tablets on. They want a person to consume an extra 400 calories per day, and have recommended they eat Chinese take-out, cheap junk food, and all the fast-food they want.  Pizza, fish & chips, burgers, hot dogs, pies, french fries, chocolate and ice-cream (to name only a few) are what the medical experts have advised they consume. The firm wants the tester to consume 16% more calories a week, and the succesful applicant will be helping their medical representative explore the theory that their new pill can absorb up to 30% of fat intake consumed.

$35,000 USD is not bad for a slob to get paid to eat more and sit around the house all day.

- Article written by the Acai Berry Boutique.

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