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Acai Berry Effectively Treating Fearful Diseases and Ailments

April 7th, 2010

The acai berry, found mostly in the rain forest of South America, is a tall slender palm tree that takes four to five years to produce fruit. The well grown acai berry tree has four to eight well developed stems and each stem produces on average 24 kg fruit every year. For many years the immense health benefits of this wonder fruit was just confined to the people of Amazon but recently its health benefits and rich medicinal values are helping people of different region to maintain their health and fitness. Several research and studies have been recently carried out to explore the major benefits of this fruit and how it can be beneficial in the treatment of several fearful diseases and ailments.

Acai berry fruit contains highest antioxidant and almost ten times the antioxidants level of grapes and twice of the blueberries. Antioxidants are important for the body as it speeds up the cell division process that reduces wrinkles and result in healthier and glowing skin. The pure acai is 100% natural and far effective than something grown in laboratory. This fruit has been used since long to treat everything from aging, to stomach ailment, to weight loss, to hepatitis, to ulcers. This dark purple berry that tastes like a chocolate is currently capturing the market as a best weight loss supplement. Known for its magical qualities, fresh acai berry when properly processed is a good food source as well as a health aid.

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