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Acai Berry Side Effects – Are they really dangerous?

July 18th, 2010

Acai berry is a fruit of grape shape and is grown in the dense tropical rainforests of the Amazon. The fruit is highly nutritious and is often dubbed as the global “Superfood”. The Acai berry side effects are several though not serious. These side effects come if the fruit is consumed much more than required.

The acai berry side effects found by the Acai Berry Boutique have come from the research and analysis of medical and health professionals.

The acai berry side effects found by the Acai Berry Boutique have come from the research and analysis of medical and health professionals.

Acai berry side effects
There are several side effects as seen by numerous studies done in the past. These side effects are seen only if you constantly take the fruit in much higher quantity than recommended. This fruit is quite tasty and has plenty of antioxidant properties; hence most people easily fall into the habit of consuming the Acai berry in larger quantity than required. The fruit acts as a filler and hence kills the appetite if consumed too many at a time. On the other hand, this is extremely good for those who want to cut down their weight. This fruit also increases the energy level of the body, due to which some people may complain of palpitation and difficulty in falling asleep. The palpitation and sleeping trouble goes away within 30-40 minutes, and this only ever happens when enormously large quantities of acai berry are consumed, such as 40 capsules in an hour.

Acai berry products available in the market
This “superfood” is in high demand these days all over the world. But it is difficult to send away the fruits in their original form. Hence the fruit is grind to make powders and capsules and then supplied across the globe. The powders can be mixed with the milk or water or other juices. The capsules can be directly taken with water. If taken daily the powder and capsule can make a person experience the benefits within a few weeks. Acai berry juice is also available in the market, this can be either taken directly or taken in combination with other fruit juice as well.  The majority of manufacturers of acai fruit juice only provide minor percentages of pure acai berry juice, and the rest is watered down, mixed, or not from pure acai berry.  The Acai Berry Boutique has established its fame and household trust on its pure, natural acai berry products. The capsules offered by the acai berry boutique contain exclusively 100% pure acai berry, with no added chemicals or fillers.

the Acai berry side effects are seen though they are not harmful. They can easily be prevented if the fruit is consumed within the recommended dose, and suggested use.

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Acai Berry – The product and online stores

June 27th, 2010

The Acai berry is one of the popular fruits of the tropical rainforests of the Amazon. This fruit is lovingly epithet as the “Superfood” of Amazon due to its high nutritious and antioxidant content. Natives of Brazil and the Amazon have included the Acai berry in their daily diet since generations ago. The natives of Amazon and Brazil also term it as the ‘magical fruit’ that cures every disease.

Acai Berry products

Acai berry is transported to all parts of the world through numerous products. The real fruit cannot be transported globally as it will get destroyed in the long run. Acai berry has a relatively short shelf life, and go bad quickly if not stored in ideal conditions. Hence, products such as powders of the acai berry, which are made by directly grinding the fruit, are packed into plastics and transported to all parts of the world.  The powder can be mixed with milk or water and be consumed daily. There are also capsules of Acai berry available in the market. These capsules can also be taken daily to meet the nutritional requirements of the body. The Acai berry juice is yet another popular product available in the market. The juice is naturally sweet in taste and hence needs no additional sugar added. Either you can drink it by itself, or you can mix it with other juices.  You can also mix soda or tapioca into it. Other than all these there is Acai liqueur, Tini and the Acai ice cream which are also highly ordered and popular in the world market. Natives of Amazon and Brazil have also been using the berries as flavouring agents in meat and drinks.

The Acai Berry Boutique is one of the top online retailers of acai berry products online.

The Acai Berry Boutique is one of the top online retailers of acai berry products online.

Online ordering of Acai berry products

All the products of the acai berry can now be ordered online. You can buy the powder, capsule, ice cream, juice bottle and Tini etc from the online stores at heavily discounted price ranges. The products are made exclusively from the berries (at least the good stores like The Acai Berry Boutique) brought from the tropical rainforests of the Amazon. Bulk orders tend to attract heavier discounts.  The discounts are due to the stiff competition in the e-commerce market. Your orders will reach you within days of your ordering the Acai berry products.


Acai berry is a dietary product with high nutritional values. This is a tropical fruit grown in the tropical rainforests of the Amazon in Brazil. The Acai Berry Boutique is an excellent source for acai berry products and contains exclusively 100% pure, natural and organic acai berry.  There are very few other websites that offer this level of quality, and even those are not able to compete with the competitive prices offered at the Acai Berry Boutique’s online store.

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Acai Berry Brings a Number of Health Benefits

May 11th, 2010