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Acai Berry Side Effects – Are they really dangerous?

July 18th, 2010

Acai berry is a fruit of grape shape and is grown in the dense tropical rainforests of the Amazon. The fruit is highly nutritious and is often dubbed as the global “Superfood”. The Acai berry side effects are several though not serious. These side effects come if the fruit is consumed much more than required.

The acai berry side effects found by the Acai Berry Boutique have come from the research and analysis of medical and health professionals.

The acai berry side effects found by the Acai Berry Boutique have come from the research and analysis of medical and health professionals.

Acai berry side effects
There are several side effects as seen by numerous studies done in the past. These side effects are seen only if you constantly take the fruit in much higher quantity than recommended. This fruit is quite tasty and has plenty of antioxidant properties; hence most people easily fall into the habit of consuming the Acai berry in larger quantity than required. The fruit acts as a filler and hence kills the appetite if consumed too many at a time. On the other hand, this is extremely good for those who want to cut down their weight. This fruit also increases the energy level of the body, due to which some people may complain of palpitation and difficulty in falling asleep. The palpitation and sleeping trouble goes away within 30-40 minutes, and this only ever happens when enormously large quantities of acai berry are consumed, such as 40 capsules in an hour.

Acai berry products available in the market
This “superfood” is in high demand these days all over the world. But it is difficult to send away the fruits in their original form. Hence the fruit is grind to make powders and capsules and then supplied across the globe. The powders can be mixed with the milk or water or other juices. The capsules can be directly taken with water. If taken daily the powder and capsule can make a person experience the benefits within a few weeks. Acai berry juice is also available in the market, this can be either taken directly or taken in combination with other fruit juice as well.  The majority of manufacturers of acai fruit juice only provide minor percentages of pure acai berry juice, and the rest is watered down, mixed, or not from pure acai berry.  The Acai Berry Boutique has established its fame and household trust on its pure, natural acai berry products. The capsules offered by the acai berry boutique contain exclusively 100% pure acai berry, with no added chemicals or fillers.

the Acai berry side effects are seen though they are not harmful. They can easily be prevented if the fruit is consumed within the recommended dose, and suggested use.

For more information about acai berry, and acai berry side effects, please visit the Acai Berry Boutique at .

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Acai Berry Benefits – More to the list…

July 11th, 2010

At the Acai Berry Boutique, we often get a lot of health enthusiasts and nutrition fans asking about the benefits of acai berry. More and more people read our blog, and are constantly requesting more information about acai berry benefits. Here are some more details for you acai berry lovers out there!

The acai berry benefits have been proven by researchers and so the nutritious fruit and its supplements are becoming highly popular across the planet. If you follow a proper acai berry diet then you can improve your health to a significant level. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of acai berry.

Fight obesity and reduce weight:
Acai berry contains essential amino acids, omega fatty acids and phytosterols that help to burn cholesterol present in the body. It helps to function the body effectively and fight obesity by suppressing appetite, boosts metabolism, increase stamina and energy, and mitigates the accumulation of body fat. It contains large amounts of fiber, approximately 40%, which tends to control the blood sugar and cholesterol, and keeps the energy level balanced by preventing insulin spikes which can transform excess blood sugar into fat tissue.

Acts as an anti-aging solution:
Anti-aging is another benefit of acai berry. Acai berry contains higher level of antioxidant which minimizes the risk of damage to the cells from the free radicals. The high level antioxidant elements also prevent the effects of aging caused by oxidative stress due to normal bodily function.

Understanding the benefits of acai berry is imporant for consumers. This isn't just a diet pill, it is a natural superfruit, with tons of longlasting benefits.

Understanding the benefits of acai berry is important for consumers. This is not just a diet pill, it is a natural superfruit, with tons of longlasting benefits.

Enhances the digestive system:
A well balance acai berry diet can improve your digestive system. The high fiber, enzymes and other nutrients present in it improve the digestive system. Apart from this, the other benefits of acai berry include preventing heart disease by lowering blood cholesterol and balancing the blood sugar with addition to prevent hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome and treat constipation. The fiber enables your body to get the required amount of fiber thereby enhancing your digestive system.

Boost your immune system:
It seems there is no end to acai berry benefits. This Amazon fruit boosts your immune system, thus protecting your body from viruses, parasites, bacteria and other diseases through use of mechanisms like proteins, good bacteria and organic nutrients. The high concentration of antioxidants can help you remain healthier.

Boost energy and stamina:
The high concentration of carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats in acai berry boost your energy and stamina, and is one of the popular known acai berry benefits. The fiber helps to regulate blood sugar levels and keep energy levels active for longer duration.

Adds zing to your sex life:
Acai berry benefits can also influence your sex life. The richness of ‘good fats’ helps metabolize cholesterol and produce testosterone and estrogen. An increase in blood flow is also a noted benefit of acai berry. In addition, some of the benefits mentioned above, such as increase energy and stamina can also be of use for increasing sexual performance.

Prevents Cancer and critical disease:
Recent research on the acai berry benefits by the University of Florida revealed that it can fight cancer. The antioxidants fuel the cells of the body to fight the free radicals that comes from pollutants and other sources. Our acai berry blog has more information about this.

Provides a good sleep:
Acai containing amino acids to give relaxation to the body muscles and promote a more peaceful sleep are also included in acai berry benefits. The vitamin B contained in it helps to regulate the dopamine and serotonin production in the brain that eases quality sleep.

The benefits of acai berry may be the missing pieces to your health & diet puzzle.

The benefits of acai berry may be the missing pieces to your health & diet puzzle.

The Acai Berry Boutique provides relevant information about acai berry benefits after immense research. To read more about acai berry benefits, and our list of sources, please visit our website at .

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Eat Acai Berries to Enrich the Body with Essential Nutrients

February 26th, 2010

A common question that haunts everybody’s mind is that “Do Acai Berries really work”?  And it would not be an exaggerated statement to say that yes, the berries can really do magic as they are labeled as a superfood and contains a number of vitamins and nutrients. Acai berries really work in the productive manner as the fruit is regarded as an important source of essential nutrients, amino acids, fiber, fatty acids, etc. They are greatly rich in antioxidants and helps in providing relief from free radicals.

The acai berry has profound health benefits and nutritional contents.

The acai berry has profound health benefits and nutritional contents.

High quantity of resveratrol is found in Acai berries that promotes healthy heart conditions and suppresses hunger. It is due to the reason only, they are recommended if you are on the mission of losing weight. The berries contain high amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals that help in building stronger bones muscles, promoting proper cellular regeneration, etc. Omega 9, 6 and 3 fatty acids, vitamin B complex, etc are other essential nutrients that are present in Acai berries. So, after stating so many facts about the health benefits of the fruit, people will not feel hitch in accepting the fact that “the fruit really works”.

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Shielding Your Body with Acai Berry Diet

December 24th, 2009

Acai Berry Boutique, a leading supplier of pure, natural and organic Acai products, unveils the presence of several substances in Acai berry diet, which are proved to boost up virility and fertility, improve vision, slow down aging process, reduce cholesterol, improve body metabolism and prevent the formation of free radicals in the body. The revelation is an indication of the presence of antioxidants, amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, fiber, proteins, Omega 6 and 9 in the Acai berry diet that may benefit people in the long run. Found in the Amazon Rainforests in the northern area of Brazil, the Acai berry is a species of palm tree, which is harvested to mix with various juice blends, smoothies, soda, and other beverages. Recently, this small, round, black-purple drupe has been marketed as a dietary supplement only after researchers conducting several experiments on its effectiveness on human health.

Known as the richest natural source of antioxidants, the Acai berry diet is effective in defending the body against diseases. Apart from antioxidants, it contains phytosterols that acts as an agent to help our cardiovascular systems function properly. Companies like Acai Berry Boutique, who import Acai berry diet from renowned manufacturers, suggest consumers to seek doctors’ approval prior to consumption. This wonder fruit dietary supplement provides comprehensive benefits to health only when one follows an expert’s guidance along with proper physical workout.

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Acai berry Powder: A Source to Get Sufficient Nutrition

November 24th, 2009

Like oxygen, nutritional diets also play a major role in preventing free radicals from entering in the body, causing various health problems. Talking about nutritional diets always compel people to think of food items rich in antioxidants, protein and vitamins. The Amazonian berry, popularly known as Acai berry has recently become a potential source to provide the required Omega fats, amino acids, electrolytes, antioxidants, protein and vitamins to your body. Unfortunately, this dark purple Acai berry perishes soon, making it difficult for the suppliers to transport directly from Brazil after being harvested. As a result, researchers have decided to give powdery form to the harvested berries, which can give people the feasibility to mix the powder with milk and other beverages when taken.

The wonderful acai berry.

The wonderful acai berry.

Today, Acai berry powder is seen used by athletes, celebrities and health enthusiasts around the world. In fact, the powder is prepared with all natural procedures starting with freeze drying Acai berries followed by elimination of moisture at a temperature below than 20 degrees. Since there is no involvement of heat in the preparation, one can expect to get sufficient nutritional value from Acai berry powder. At the same time, several studies also expose the contribution made by Acai berry powder in improving body metabolism. Significantly, it improves cholesterol, pressure and sugar levels, suppresses appetite, removes extraneous fats, improves immune system and slows down the aging process. All these essential health benefits encourage people to take Acai berry powder with milk or other juices to retain their vitality intact.

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The Power of Acai Berry

November 1st, 2009

Have you ever wondered what is it that serves to make ageless divas out of Madonna and Beyonce but forces you to incur the wrath of Time? Well the answer may not be so elusive after all! Dermatologists around the world now believe that it may be due a component called antioxidants, whose inclusion in the daily diet greatly reduces the ageing process and delays the sagging of the skin. And where does one find this magic panacea? In the vast equatorial Amazonian rainforests of Brazil, Guyana and Surinam.Madonna looks a lot younger than her age - we think antioxidants are a key factor!

Madonna looks a lot younger than her age – we think antioxidants are a key factor!

Regionally known as the Acai palm, this tall lissome tree produces beady fruits, which display the roundness of the grape and the size of a large blueberry. The tasters of this amazing discovery claim, it has a very distinct, singular taste which is almost a melange between a wild raspberry and a grape. It is highly coveted by the Brazilian natives for its ability to provide instant strength and energy upon consumption.

And this is for the die hard devotee of Mediterranean cuisines, who can’t stop raving about the health benefits of a continental diet The acai berries possess a high concentration of fatty acids and omega 3, 6, 9 oils- the same as that of the olive oil, which is one of the main ingredients of Mediterranean culinary delights!

What is it that transforms these simple fruits into potential gladiators against the dreaded beast named ‘wrinkles’? Researches suggest that it may be due to the presence of a chemical in the acai berry, called Phytosterols- generally extracted from plant cell membranes and which greatly reduces blood plasma cholesterol (that does the trick!). There are also the Anthocyanins, members of a chemical group called Flavonoids, to assist. Anthocyanins yield the highest percentage of antioxidants, among all the edible berries known to man. It neutralizes free radicals and prevents the oxidation of cells and serves as an effective antidote against arteriosclerosis, a chronic ailment of the human blood vessels.

So you may not be doing rock concerts, or composing music videos, but then, should they be your only excuses for looking scintillatingly gorgeous and having soft supple unwrinkled skin? Start taking your fill of acai fruits today and who knows you might give Madonna a run for her money!

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Acai 101 – A lesson in Nutrition

October 27th, 2009

Say hello to acai (ah-sigh-ee), the fruit that’s making believers of world-class athletes and health-conscious people everywhere. Grown in the Amazon rainforest, acai is truly a gift from Mother Nature. It has a rich, berry-cocoa flavor that makes it taste amazing, and its packed with more antioxidants than blueberries or pomegranates, plus loads of healthy Omega fats, protein and dietary fiber.  acai berries - acai berry pure

Here’s to your health.
So what makes antioxidants and Omega fats so important? Studies have shown how the French and Mediterranean diets, rich in red wine and olive oil, help maintain heart, body, brain and skin. Organic acai combines the best of both diets with 10x the antioxidants of red wine, and an essential fatty acid profile similar to olive oil. The Acai Berry Boutique’s acai is a potent combination your body shouldn’t go without.

Superhealthy. Supertasty. Superfood.
The Acai Berry Boutique’s products are all certified organic and great for anytime you’re hungry or looking for a natural energy boost. And as part of our mission to bring acai to you, we believe we also have to care for the planet and farmers. To do that, we’ve created a supply chain that benefits thousands of local families while protecting the Amazon rainforest through sustainable agriculture.

To read more about acai berry and its many health, dietary, and  nutritional benefits, check out our acai berry nutrition page at:

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Lead a Healthy Life with the Daily Intake of Acai Berry

August 20th, 2009

Nowadays, every health lover wants to purchase acai berry; reason being it is rich in all those natural nutrients which are necessary for leading a healthy life. Just because of providing innumerable health benefits, from the past few years, the tiny grape-like acai fruit is greatly in demand and news among masses. From past few generations, this fruit has been used by inhabitants of Brazil for treating several health conditions. The daily intake of acai berry fruit provides perfect solution for treating numerous ailments such as digestive problems, sexual dysfunction, skin irritations, effectively reduces fat…. Even for diabetic patients, acai berry is recommended as naturally, it has less sugar content.

Facts such as acai berry contains antioxidants ten times more than grapes and two times more than blueberries is worth disclosing. Apart from this fact, the fruit is naturally rich not only in vitamins and proteins, but also in amino acids, omega fats and electrolytes. All the above figures strongly support the fact that it is a superfruit which exhibits some great health benefits. Not only this, availability of dietary fiber, mono saturated fats, phytosterols and heart-healthy nutrient like omega fatty acids makes it a perfect dietary supplement for an individual. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that acai berry is a rich source of numerous nutrients that helps in keeping human body healthy. So, if you want to remain healthy, then buy acai berry in its pure form, containing only 100% pure and natural Acai. The majority of products out there only contain minimal Acai, as little as 10%, but use the name ‘Pure Acai’ to promote sales and marketing. Be careful where you buy from, make sure it clearly states that the product contains 100% pure acai berry, otherwise, you consuming junk!

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Acai Berry Health Benefits Maintain Human Body Healthy

August 20th, 2009

In the present scenario, it is important to include plenty of fruits in your diet so that one can get plethora of essential nutrients. However, acai berry is one such a fruit which has the capacity of delivering host of health benefits as it contains numerous essential nutrients such as vitamins B1, E, A, proteins, amino acids, electrolytes, etc. Acai berry is a purple small fruit which is harvested in Brazil from palm trees. The fruit always remain in the news because of exhibiting numerous health benefits.

Acai berry benefits are numerous such as it helps in increasing energy levels of the body, aids in strengthening the immune system, improves metabolism system of the body and reduces body weight significantly. Acai berry benefits are not limited to this only; one can see the noteworthy difference in his/her skin, libido, vision, memory etc. Other important benefits associated with acai berry include:

· It helps in promoting normal blood sugar level.

· Reduces the menopausal symptoms’ effects.

· Reduces the chances of heart problems by marinating normal blood pressure.

· Aids in reducing cholesterol level.

Because of the fact that acai berries are rich sources of antioxidants, they help in imbibing free radicals that results in cellular damage and thus fights against cancer. No wonder, if acai berry has been recognized as a known name in the field of under superfood and dietary supplements. One can easily get acai berry benefits by consuming capsules, dried powder form, concentrated juice form, etc. Therefore, it can be said that consume acai berry for maintaining overall wellness of the body and getting numerous nutrients from one source only.

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Acai Berry Keeps You Younger and Slim

July 16th, 2009

The Acai berry, what was once a dietary supplement only to natives of the Amazon Rainforest is now become an essential health drink worldwide due to high concentration of antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids in it. Together these work to help your body slows the aging process as well as burns fats more effectively to maintain weight loss. Though it is hard to believe that Acai berry reduces weight significantly, but it is evident that users who have diluted this supplement into a nutritious diet have experienced a significant weight loss of 1-2lbs a week, not to mention its effectiveness on removing wrinkles and cleansing the body of toxins. According to researchers, this miracle curative from the deep, dark Amazonia jungle contains all the nutritious minerals that can accomplish the nutritional requirements of everyone’s daily diet.

Although the verdict on the Acai berry as an anti-aging and weight loss drink is still debatable, but it is found that people who have already incorporated Acai berry with their regular diets are healthier with toning skin and muscles. It is pertinent to note that diets rich in antioxidants are effective to heal the damage caused by free radicals in your body. As a result, antioxidants contained in Acai berries delay the aging process and burn fat more effectively, giving you the stamina and vitality you had in your younger days. Hence, it is quite obvious that Acai berry is one of the fruits you probably should consider consuming everyday, or at least a few times a week.

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